2014 Article Archive

SKI SEASON 2013/2014 – A DRY WINTER by Mike Ferketich (4/28/14)

Last winter was sparse on the snow but snowy enough for many of our skiers.  We met in sunshine, rain, snow and kept searching for the one mountain  (or hill) with just the right conditions for the perfect day of skiing.  The official winter season (December 21st through March 20th) lasted 88 days.  Tack  onto that about another month of spring skiing and you end up with around 120 skiable days in the ski season.  Plenty of time to take advantage our one of the West’s favorite activities.

Rusty Bindings Singles Ski Club had 16 members who represented our club in this last season’s race efforts.  It was a year of renewed friendships, new acquaintances, good times, some victories, some crashes, and an overall good year to be involved with the club.  Some of the highlights include John Douglas (most points in the club and most points in the league at 130 points, our own Race Director Chuck Roncancio who raced in three categories (that’s right three) and amassed almost 100 points for the club, Jim Dimmock who raced both as a slalom skier and as a Snowboarder (how cool is that), and Mark Haney who was our other lone Snowboarder (I might take up snowboarding next year).   Let’s not forget Karl Smith who was going so fast that he missed a couple of gates and got a DNF (did not finish) in two of the races but still accumulated close to 90 points for the club (Outstanding).  We have a couple of “fast women” who also earned close to 100 points for the club (Janet Spencer 100 and Tina Nott 95).  Way to go.

I also had the pleasure to meet most of our other racers and just want to thank them for being so gracious with their time and for making a newcomer as myself so welcome in the club (Bob Spencer, Wendy Summer, Jim Stewart, Libby Lacativo, Joseph Neilan, Bill Manfredi, Brian Ruthruff, and Susan Schmidt.  A special thanks needs to go to Kat Severin our own Bay Area Council Rep. She was sidelined from racing due to an injury but enthusiastically supported the league’s race efforts by scorekeeping (in several states) and for being a booster/advocate for the RB’s racers. Thanks Kat for all your efforts!

It was a fun race/ski season and I hope to see you out there next year.  Please view photos of our successful ski season: 2014 Rusty Bindings Ski Season

OUR NEW WEBSITE by Travis Brophy, President, 3/18/14

Welcome to the brand new Rusty Bindings website. We put a lot of time and thought into the new design. Our main goal was to make everything you need to know about the club immediately available for your review. We also wanted to make the website exciting and contemporary with a good visual of the club, thus the scrolling marquee.  We have tried to make it very inviting for a prospective member.

Please keep in mind this website is a work in progress. We will be adding additional features as time and need allow.

SKI TEAM UPDATE by Janet Spencer, 2/10/14

Hey everyone,  it’s ski season.  Believe it or not, there is snow up in the mountains. We seem to be in a drought yet the man-made snow is working for us.  If you can’t ski California, get out of state. At least 23 RB’ers went to Beaver Creek for the Far West Ski Week, January 25 until February 1st. And a few of our racers will be competing in races.

At our first meeting in February, we hope to have glowing reports on the fun had by all and success of the racers.  In anticipation of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Russia, I will bring a special video of a past Olympic Games to that same meeting. You won’t want to miss it! The meeting is at 7 and we will show the video after we celebrate our awesome race team and prepare for our next ski/race weekend, February 8 and 9 at Northstar.


Hello Skiers & Riders,  Our annual Heavenly trip paid off for the club members that trekked to SLT and waited out Saturday’s mini-blizzard. Sunday was a bluebird day with great snow cover, gorgeous views of the lake, no lift lines and amazing company.  Our traditional Saturday night brew-fest proved to be a success. Kudos to Mark Greenberg and his lovely assistant Gail (aka Vanna).  On to member business.  As a member of Bay Area Council, you are entitled to Far West Ski Association and National Ski Council Federation discounts. Check out skifederation.org.  Under “Members”, enter “skiclub”, password “member”.  Clothing, rentals, vintage ski posters, accommodations and discounts are listed.